Monday, March 14, 2011

New Mos Def Song: World Premier

No, this blog post isn't a world premier. That's actually the name of the song, and rumor has it that it could end up being the lead single for the album that Mos Def is alleged to currently be working on.

Keen ears will recognize the song's beat as a track released last year as part of Madlib's Beat Konducta series of instrumental albums (and also a key component to the success of Mos Def's most recent album, which was mostly comprised of other Beat Konducta releases.

The song is classic Mos and everything we've come to love and expect from him -- a perfect mixture of rapping, harmonizing and singing over unmistakable Hiphop beats.

On a side note, as if last month's performance with Lupe and Kanye wasn't enough proof, it is quite clear that Mos cannot stifle his love for Hiphop, which repeatedly results in his return to the booth despite other, more lucrative, profitable endeavors that he could [and probably will later] be taking advantage of.

For this fact we should all rejoice and be thankful to one of the few remaining providers of unadulterated true school Hiphop music.

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