Friday, August 29, 2008


Just when I was beginning accept the fact that no real, quality Hiphop music would surface in the month of August, here comes an new and unexpected Mos Def song to save us all from a sub par past 30 days.

His new song, called "The Glow," is a chill yet slightly uptempo boom bap banger, complemented with shrill strings and plus piano, and it rocks!

Why can't we have more Hiphop music that sounds like this?

It's just one long verse, but the beat is so inspiring and and Mos sounds so good, so natural on the track.

Scared of what?
Me and Mines ain't scared of much.
We get it down, push high
Keep the standards up.
Hand-to-hand on the mic,
Call it pass the dutch.
Ghetto people
Put your eras, hands and cameras up.
Flash Gordon:
Code name for my dogs that's passed forward.
I make you put the disc on play and repeat
I got the crowd sweating like a pig waving the heat.
And I stay on beat,
And I stay on grind.
From the black spades here
To the project hallways,
Black Star team Kweli Green and Dante.
Code name: All Day
Operation: All Good.
Balance throughout all times
Current status: All Grind.
Clearer than a chalk line
Traced around a cold body.
First text with no copy,
I don't rhyme like nobody.
Rockin' for the dope bodies
Waking up in nowhere.
Trying to get some place
Forward motion unsafe.
This is for the warrior,
This is for the renegade,
This is for the battle cry,
Early morning serenade.
This is for the ghetto block
Where darkness don't never fade.
Where police on the grind
To make the masses separate.
Depression and circumstance
Will make a family separate.
Black beauty in the dance,
Come together, separate.
Hopefully the release of this song is an indication that he has a new album on the way after the debacle with his last album, which was actually very good.

Here is Mos Def at his best, rhyming in the hallway with Kanye. Kanye's rhymes are nice but he keeps on stuttering while Mos's rhymes are just as smooth and fluid as can be.

And here is Mos rhyming in Vegas earlier this month.

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TLS said...

Thanks for the Mos love. I like the new track.