Saturday, July 16, 2016

Don't call it a comeback: GZA's new music after 8 years does not disappoint

I'm not even sure why this subject matter deserves a blog post, considering anybody who would even think about clicking on this must surely already be a fan of GZA. Hence, they would expect that his new solo album after an 8 year absence wouldn't miss a beat, literally and figuratively.

Me? I had my doubts.

But when I learned GZA was in prime "Beneath the Surface" mode on a leaked single from his forthcoming "Dark Matter" album, I was all ears.

Every song on Sadat X's new album 'Agua' features at least 1 other rapper except 4 out of 18 tracks

I'm sorry, but this is a problem for me.

To be fair, Sadat is far from the only rapper who does this. But the practice of flooding your music with featured artists is usually reserved for the mixtape treatment. Compounding this apparent error in executive producing judgment, it seems nowadays, with each subsequent lyrical effort from the artist formerly known as Derek X, his legendary status is waning rapidly.

And now this.