Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ma$e can't stop, won't stop providing inspiration for rappers

As much flak as Ma$e took after he dropped the "Murda" moniker from his name in favor of appealing to a broader audience (emphasis on broad), he is seemingly unintentionally redeeming himself with the resurrection of his lyrics circa 1997-1999 that are routinely being regurgitated by rappers du jour.

Kanye has already gone on the record as saying that Ma$e is his favorite rapper, and that was evident on College Dropout, where Kanye copied everything from Mr. Betha's adlibs to his lyrics verbatim.

Kanye continued that trend on later albums, as well, in somewhat of a tribute to style-blazing rapper who never got enough credit for his originality and creativity in the rap game.

Since we all know biting hasn't been a Hiphop sin since the mid-90s, no one thought anything of it.