Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jim Jones + Rae and Ghost = Confusion

The curious case of Jim Jones being featured on Raekwon's as well as Ghostface's latest albums has left most if not all Wu-Tang fans dumbfounded, bewildered and stunned.

There is an overwhelming feeling that the inclusion of the Capo was not only unnecessary, but also a waste of precious space that should be reserved for only the most skilled of rappers -- something that Jim Jones falls well south of -- like Black Thought, who is also featured on both albums.

On Ghost's new album, the song with Jim Jones is something of a Ja Rule club track gone wrong (which is redundant, making it doubly worse), a sound and style that obviously has no business being on a Ghostface album. I always figured that if Ghost wanted us in the club he'd give us certified hits like Cherchez La Ghost, not this piece of wannabe pop fluff:

Handcuffin’ Them Hoes (feat. Jim Jones)

Not to be outdone, Raekwon has a song with Jim on his own album, but a recent performance on Jimmy Fallon sans Jim ironically shows that Jim's inclusion wasn't at all needed for the track as it is performed without a hitch.

My question is: when did this peculiar association between Jim Jones and Raekwon and Ghostface materialize? On what basis does Jim get to be featured on their albums, thus ruining the listening experience for die hard fans of both artists?

Hell, both albums are saturated with guest appearances anyway, why vex listeners even more with a studio gangster who used to rock a perm? But I digress...

A bit of research uncovered a video of Raekwon expressing his admiration for Jim, so I can only guess that the inclusion of Jim on Shaolin vs. Wu-Tang was borne out of that same esteem.

But Rae is coming off his most successful project since his debut in 16 years ago. Certainly his fans gave Rae no indication that they wanted to hear him on a song with Jim Jones. Jim -- who's recent attempt at getting attention by way of a convenient car crash failed miserably -- hasn't seen success in more than a few years.

Suffice to say, I'm confused and just slightly disappointed.

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