Friday, January 28, 2011

Jim Jones on His Crash: Through the Liar?

No idea's original and there's nothing new under the sun.

And after learning of Jim Jones' new, timely song, I can't emphasize that point enough.

Since we all know that Jim Jones doesn't have an original bone in his body (pause), my Spidey senses started tingling when I read about his recent car crash.

After all, Jim has made a career swagger jacking and piggy-backing off of others: taking credit for songs written by others; remaking classic songs; and trying his damndest to be the east coast 2Pac.

I instantly thought of Kanye's crash back in 2002, and how Kanye took that crash and flipped it into a song to showcase his passion for rhyming and music by creating a classic while his jaw was wired shut.

Unlike Kanye, though, Jim apparently and amazingly suffered no injuries despite his car being completely totaled.

My worst fears were confirmed when I woke up this morning to learn of Jim Jones' new song where he, too, raps about his own crash.

But where Through the Wire comes off as a sincere documentation of a traumatizing experience, Jim's song comes off as exploitative and an attempt to capitalize on a terrible incident.

Because before the accident Jim's relevance in rap was fading quicker than Lil' Boosie's hairstyle.

To say that it's ironic that Jim released this record just months after he and Cam both went in on Kanye with some spiteful words is an understatement at best and not a coincidence at worst.

I'm not saying Jim planned the crash -- which pictures show was very serious -- but if the rap music industry didn't pioneer the publicity stunt, they damn sure took it to a new level by staging shootings and stabbings and other violent acts all in the name of garnering some attention. So why not stage a car crash too?

And above all else, the song's bars are weak! He could have at least come with some fire lyrics or hot rhymes.

There is no ill will in this post. I'm glad Jim is healthy, and I actually like more than a few of his songs and I own two of his albums. But I can't suppress the overwhelming feeling of apprehension and doubt when it comes to the sincerity of this new song, which I believe is intended to help gain sympathy and empathy from fans to help him revive his slumping career.

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