Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sheek Louch very well could be the most slept on rapper. Ever.

Whether you want to admit it or not, Sheek is a beast in the booth. He just happens to be part of a veritable supergroup that includes two rappers who are widely perceived as being just plain better than Sheek is. Or ever was.

But there's one serious flaw in that argument. Actually, way more than one.

For starters, his resume is solid.

And secretly, he's on a ton of hits.

Many of those hits are with certified legends.

Hell, he kicked off a classic JAY Z (ne Jay-Z) track so effortlessly with a classic rhyme.

And if you want to be really honest, then you, too, will admit that what we all thought was weak back in 97 is actually pretty hot in retrospect.

"We Cristal niggas, y'all Nestle Quik-style niggas." Heh heh.

Which reminds me, he has incredible quotables with rhymes that are just like that; rhymes delivered in an inimitable style.

Like in the Benjamins when he said "I pack a black pis-tal in the Ac coupe that's dark brown."

On paper, that's a head-scratcher. In verse, though, it's a beast of a bar.

And now, nearly 20 years after his professional debut, Sheek is still hitting you over the head with slick rhymes that have shown steady, promising improvement with every new guest verse or song.

Oh yeah, for those of you keeping count, he's platinum, too. Not that it matters, but just in case you think it does, that fact is for you.

I've had this post in mind for a while now and during that time I still couldn't think of a more relevant unsung hero in the game than Sheek.

Can you?

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