Sunday, May 4, 2014

At least Pharrell can still spit a mean 16...

The truth of the matter is that good old Neptunes sound we know and love is long gone.

I've finally come to terms with what is now a solid fact.

But in my opinion, the one constant that has remained throughout Pharrell's transformation from cult idol to all-universe superstar is his rapping ability, which is severely slept on.

Read on for further proof.

Aside from flipping myriad styles on the above track, Skateboard P showcases the ease in which he can rattle off some hot rhymes.

But then there's this.

This subliminal attack on Lil Wayne, who has copied Pharrell on a number of levels over the years, features P at his best -- laid back and focused on the task at hand: kicking some dope rhymes over a beat that could make anybody sound great.

However, when Pharrell rhymes about chicks, it's 100% magic.

But is anything better than when Pharrell tries to kick that knowledge?

Despite that earlier question, ironically, Pharrell is just as effective when he goes into his "ignorant rapper" mode.

Quotable: "That Rolls Royce Phantom, it ain't no joke, ma/ Weed brownie or two, but I will not smoke, ma/ Don't talk about licking if it ain't deepthroat, ma/ I'll give you great dick, I'll make ya face flip/ Then take ya aboard a ni--a's spaceship..."

Of course, there have been some rapping missteps along the way for Pharrell.

He was on some wild isht for that song and especially that album, which I still loved, but ultimately it fell well short of the standard that P has set for his music and lyricism.

But then Pharrell can turn around and hit you out of nowhere with a timeless classic.

And let's not forget about Pharrell the would-be astrologist who can spit that space talk with thebest of them. When he channels his inner Buzz Aldrin there's literally no stopping his rhymes from oozing with that special flavor most Neptunes fans live for.

All of this is a far cry from the current incarnation of Pharrell that has taken over the globe.

But since he's blessed us with nearly two decades' worth of hits, we real Neptuneologists will give him a pass. For now...

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