Friday, August 1, 2008

Young Jeezy is an Idiot!

Aside from the obvious reasons that prove his idiocy (his name, for starters...), Young Jeezy is an absolute idiot.

Granted, he is a wealthy idiot, but wealth never prevented idiotic statements before, so why should they now?

The statements I'm referring to appear online in a story about how Young Jeezy (ne Jay Jenkins) suffered from a serious case of hurt feelings after the late rapper Pimp C (of UGK fame) mocked Jeezy and other rappers who's careers have been defined by raps consisting of nothing but tales of drug dealing (see Clipse and Rick Ross for more on this):

"Muthaf*ckers talking about they’ve got kilos for $17,500. Bitch, ain’t no kilos for $17,500 up there, and you know what I’m talking about. Come to Houston and get the work and pop it cause we’re right there by San Antonio and we’re going down there and gettin’ the work. And guess what, man. All y’all n*ggas talking about selling dope? If y’all n*ggas was some d-boys, guess what, man? I don’t believe you n*ggas no more cause I’m seeing you n*ggas in button up shirts getting cute and pretty trying to look sexy. N*gga, f*ck you. N*gga, and I ain’t gotta say your name."
Although Pimp C didn't use any names, it was clear who he was pointing his finger at (Young Jeezy has a song on one of his albums called "Mr. 17.5").

But now, many months later, via the media, Jeezy has decided its time for him to go into damage control:

"I can’t ever hate on Bun or Pimp cause I always respected what them n*ggas did, but I put in my work. That sh*t hurt me, cuz. F*ck that, man. That sh*t hurt me, dog. I’ll be lying to you if I said it didn’t hurt. ... Anything I ever said was the truth. I’m not fabricating nothing and that hurt me because I listened to them n*ggas and I did what they told me to, which I thought was right. ... For a n*gga that I love and respect to tell me that I’m a liar. ... Like, for real. I lived and died by that man."
If Jeezy's being honest then that's pretty scary that he couldn't differentiate between entertainment and real life to the point that he thought that everything UGK rapped about was an actual endorsement for their listeners to do the same things.

Furthermore, in the day and age of Officer Rick Ross, why would Jeezy bring this issue back up and bring more attention to how Pimp C called him out for faking?

Because it all boils down to one single issue: Young Jeezy is an absolute idiot.

I won't even begin to discuss Jeezy's endorsement for Republican Presidential nominee John McCain...


Anonymous said...

How is Jeezy a idiot when you have people spending weekends in jail for getting kicked in the nuts by females in Brooklyn..Huh SON? HUH? Jeezy is richer than KRS ONE and SKYZOO, 2 people u stay dick riding on this site.....And Masta Ace got slaughtered by a unknown! HA HA HA HA

shaun said...

jeezy is way more hood than that pussy a$$ n!gga lil wayne, that kid dont even know how to rap, he aint even hood, jeezy knos what the f*ck he talknin bout and he been there. wayne sould just die and fall of the earth who cares bout his dumb ass when theres real rappers like jeezy out there.

shaun said...

"While Lil Wayne flaggrantly flags and shows off his affiliation, its unknown whether he is a real blood. Bloods members in Cali never certified Wayne, and actually Lil Eazy E sayed that Lil Wayne was fake flaggin.
Young Jeezy on the other hand was a member of BMF which stands for Black Mafia Family. It was a major drug gang that was raking in hundreds of millions of dollars, started by two brothers form Detroit. Their gang reached all the way down to Atlanta, where it relocated and started to get into music. This super gang was made up of other gangs including the crips. So saying that Jeezy is a crip is pretty much accurate. Its also notable that he doesn't show it off much at all, which adds credibility to this claim.
Lil' Wayne and Baby (Birdman) are both allegedly members of the Uptown Bloods, but there aren't a ton of gangs in New Orleans because people down there typically prefer to rep their Wards, and it seems like Weezy talks about Holly Grove in nearly every single one of his songs. But yeah, apparently they are Uptown Bloods. I do remember reading conflicting statements, both quotes by Lil' Wayne, that a) he considered himself a member a of the organization. And b) he was not affiliated with the Bloods."