Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uncle Murdered: Random Rapper Disses Uncle Murda!

Not that I ever thought Uncle Murda was an actual murderer, but I still never expected any random up-and-coming rappers to aim some slick words in his direction.

But that's exactly what Brooklyn rapper Bekay does on a new freestyle called "Uncle Murdered" -- and then some.

Apparently Uncle Murda recently announced that he is going to change his stage name to "BK" -- presumably for marketing purposes (not sure how many records a fella named Uncle Murda can actually sell, although Mobb Deep's album "Murda Muzik" fared pretty well...).

I guess the name change was a little too close for comfort to Bekay's name, so he decided to take a few pot shots at Murda. Actually, way more than a few. Three verses' worth. All filled with deadly venom.

Over the Infamous Mobb's beat for "Mobb N*ggas," Bekay reminds Murda who had the name first: "That's my name they're saying when the streets do talk, from the junction on Nostrand to East New York".

But wait, there's more:

"Real gangsta sh*t here,
Yo, my uncle murdered.
15 years, did a bid,
Not a f*ckin word of
What he did.
So what you do is unheard of.
Absurd words from a f*ggot
Who should serve burgers."

continues with personal attacks, saying Murda looks like "a G-Dep reject" and questions Murda's moniker by saying "Your ass wouldn't murder a fly."

The punchline-laden freestyle include such zingers as:

"Only time he licks shots is when he drinks tequila..."

"The first rapper to get a deal with a quarter water budget..."

"Only time you see beef in BK is on a whopper up in Burger King..."
Bekay takes it a few steps further and claims that the gangster rapper actually lives in the posh and highly gentrified Brooklyn community of Park Slope, an area filled with young, white professionals -- a far cry from the rough and tumble projects of East New York that Murda claims, and hints that Murda is a snitch when he says "at least my peeps don't talk to police".

Then he pulls Murda's card for once and for all, questioning Murda's place in rap:

"You calling yourself BK
Is like hiphop without the MCs, graffiti, turntables and DJs.
It's like the devil without hell,
It's like the Neptunes dropping an LP without Pharrell."
He finishes the rhyme by calling Murda "a tall Kermit the Frog in a f*ckin' fitted cap".

The next question is where this silly beef goes now.

To me, Bekay sounds like any other white rapper -- which is not a bad thing, but he does not separate himself from the rest of the pack, which is obviously to his detriment.

But Murda ALWAYS acts like he has nothing to lose. Last time a rapper said something about him that rapper was beat up and robbed in the street with bullets flying everywhere. So I'm not really sure what -- aside from free publicity -- Bekay is trying to accomplish with this song.

But one thing is for sure -- Murda will not let this slide. But I have a feeling a rap rebuttal will be Murda's last resort. I think we know what his first one will be...

Regardless, Murda gets the last laugh because he is featured on rapper Fabolous's song "Brooklyn" alongside living legend Jay-Z, something I'm sure Bekay would trade anything for -- especially his name.

Here is a video of Bekay doing his thing:

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