Friday, August 1, 2008

N*E*R*D Shoots Video for Remix to Everyone Nose recently reported on N*E*R*D's filming of a video for the Everyone Nose CRS remix -- featuring Kanye, Lupe and Pusha -- a very hot track that deserves some recognition beyond the blogs and Internet sites.

Pharrell took the time to comment on each participant's rhyme:

“I think Pusha put the meltdown on it. ... But, I mean, I like everybody’s verse because I think that Lupe killed it, Kanye killed it. Mine was more about style than how dope the rhyme was. It was really my melody that I liked more than anything — that’s why my vocal approach was a little different from what you would hear me do. I wanted to just do something different that would look different on me.”

When asked why fix something that isn't broken (a reference to how great the original version of the song already is), Chad from the Neptunes said:

"We wanted something with more of a straight-ahead, club-bumping beat, just a different take on it," Hugo said. "We like to remix, dismantle, take apart shit and put it back together. It's just like a Rubik's Cube: When you can't solve it, you just break it and you put it back together."

has some footage of Pharrell talking on the set of the video:

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