Saturday, August 23, 2008

"I Went Hard Like Medusa Staring At Me ..."

John Legend - Green Light Feat. Andre 3000 (Video)

I know this blog is devoted to Hiphop, and technically this is all the way Hiphop, but because it is performed by an R&B singer and only featuring a Hiphop icon, I figured this post needed an adequate disclaimer before I proceed to sweat this track.

First off, this sounds like a bonus track from Andre 3000's incredible and classic "Love Below" CD a few years back. The production, of course handled by Three Stacks himself, is stellar to say the least, and has the power to make anybody get up and dance upon hearing the first few notes.

This song has been out for a while but the video just came out, so enjoy it.

This video, by the way, features the most incredible eye candy perhaps ever assembled on a music video set. Ever. That is impressive all on its own, but then it's only accentuated by the great party feeling of the song.

If John Legend's new album (Evolver, in stores October 28) has more songs that sound like this on his new album -- which it is rumored to have -- then you are reading the words of the newest member of the John Legend fan club. Now if only he can manage a Neptunes collaboration with Pharrell singing the hook...

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