Friday, July 11, 2008

Who Used the Sample Best?

It happens all the time in Hiphop, but lately there has been a noticeable spate of rap songs using the same sample with barely a distinction between the beats created.

The sampled song in question is Derrick Harriott's "Message From a Black Man," and in the past four years, it has been flipped by King Geedorah aka MF Doom, Mos Def, RZA, NaS, and now, surprisingly, Young Buck.

But the question is who used it best?

I'm not necessarily talking about lyrics or the song as a whole package, but the beat -- whose beat knocks the hardest?

The versions by Mos, RZA and Buck are all very similar. Perhaps even the same.

But the version done by NaS has a cool little bridge in the middle, giving the track a little more flavor then the others.

But it's Doom's beat, produced by his beat-making alter ego, Metal Fingers, that prevails sonically. The drums are a little harder than the others', and Doom chops up the beat, and sounds like he's having fun playing around with the beat machine, complete with cutting and scratching throughout.

And although I said it's not about the lyrics, Doom's version features two hot verses by Mr. Fantastik, which only enhances the song as a whole.

Here are the songs in the order in which they were released:

King Geedorah: Anti-Matter Feat. Mr. Fantastik, from 2004's Take Me To Your Leader

Mos Def: Undeniable -- From 2006's Tru3 Magic

RZA as Bobby Digital: You Can't Stop Me Now Feat. Inspectah Deck
, from 2008's Digi Snacks

NaS: You Can't Stop Us Now Feat. Eban Thomas, from 2008's Untitled

Young Buck: Soundscan, random song released this week

Which is the best?

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