Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bobby Digital Digi Snacks Review

Despite the millions of Wu-Tang Clan fans in existence, myself included, enthusiasm for the seminal and classic group is at an all-time low.

The consensus is that there is only one single Wu-Tang representative -- one-ninth, if you will -- keeping the nine-man group's legacy alive.

The last Wu-Tang album, 8 Diagrams, was a poor showing that was met by equally as poor album sales, providing the final nail in the group's coffin.

The release of 8 Diagrams was overshadowed by publicly-aired infighting and dissatisfaction with founding member RZA's new sonic direction.

Although he claims there is no longer any beef, RZA obviously ignored the complaints and has continued musically right where he left off on 8 Diagrams for his new album, RZA as Bobby Digital: Digi Snacks.

In Digi Snacks, the third installment of Bobby Digital albums, RZA keeps with his alter ego's theme of the fast life and sexual exploits.

Only this time around, RZA depicts the maturation of Bobby -- who has on previous albums shown personal growth, going from committing "domestic violence" to acknowledging his "sickness" -- as an ongoing process.

On Digi Snacks, Bobby still has the same confidence as the brazen thug introduced to the world back in 1998 on "RZA as Bobby Digital," but the years of street life have helped to put many things in their proper perspective.

Any true Wu-Tang and RZA fan should have no problem enjoying this album, but it may take a few more listens than normal to fully appreciate this album, as the intricacy of the music can some times be distracting when trying to follow RZA's complicated lyrics buried in even further complicated rhyme schemes.

My personal favorites include, but of course are not limited to, "Try Ya Ya Ya," "Good Night," "Put Your Guns Down," and especially the untitled "Bonus Track" -- the lone track that is reminiscent of that original Wu-Tang sound.

Below is the video for Digi Snack's lead single, "You Can't Stop Me Now," featuring Inspectah Deck. Following that is a video of RZA discussing the dissension in the ranks surrounding the recording of 8 Diagrams.

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