Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Funk Flex: "Your Son Can Never Get Older Than You"

Apparently the world famous DJ Funkmaster Flex while on the air last night went in on the rappers who he views as the cocky new jacks -- the new guys on the block with hefty co-signs from a Hiphop heavyweight only to ultimately break ranks and start dissing the very person who put them on.

Flex dropped classic quotables on his unsuspecting targets:

Referencing the recent Young Buck and 50 Cent situation, it is being reported that Flex said:

"Unfortunately, I can't move with Young Buck because I'm on that thing on loyalty, man. A lot of you rappers, man, you get onto a label that's smokin' hot, and the guy at the helm is hot, man, pushin' out units! And you want to come along and live because you know if you just stay at home, drink your hot chocolate and watch Rap City, you're guaranteed to go gold without leaving your block."

More heat for new jacks:

"And I watch y'all sell gold, when you should have sold 100,000 [units, and] start talkin' slick. I'm not just talkin' about [the Young Buck] situation, I'm sayin' y'all do it all the time. Let me tell you something: it's corny; that's a small man's world. You know what you show when you do that? That you was never nothin', and you was never ridin', and you was never on the team, ever!"

Then he cautioned big time Hiphop superstars like Jay and Puff about being burnt by people they put on in the industry, saying that you can never make every one happy. Or to put it in Flex's words, "Y'all need to stop handing out these free meals to snausages."

Your son can never get older than you."

He also addressed ghostwriters, particularly Philadelphia rapper Gille Da Kid, who earlier this year made some rumblings about how he wrote the majority of Lil' Wayne's blockbuster album Tha Carter II:

"I don't want to hear that you wrote the rhyme, fam! Because, listen -- if you could write the rhyme and you knew it you would have out the record out yourself. But guess what? You don't have a record deal! Guess what? Turn your pockets inside out. They're empty. OK? That whole 'I wrote the track,' 'oh, he took my beat,' 'I had that beat' ... that's not cool.' It is cool! ... You had the beat and you were wack! You're wack!"
Classic. Flex. And so true.

Somebody had to say it. Hiphop is rife with more unnecessary beef than a gay porn shoot.

Click HERE for the full audio of Flex airing these dudes out.

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