Friday, July 11, 2008

U-God Is A Paranoid Snitchophrenic!

Yes, I just coined the term "snitchophrenic"!

And it is 100% appropriate for U-God, the last and least member of the almighty Wu-Tang Clan.

It has been reported that U-God, who filed a $180,000 lawsuit against Wu-Tang management claiming he wasn't paid all his royalties (strike one), is now looking over his shoulder 24-7 because he suspects the Wu has ordered some goons to follow him.

He instantly loses all respect I may have had for him.

But now he's one-upped that move, paying a visit to his local police station saying he fears for his livelihood and thinks people are after him.

The Jersey Journal must have had a ball writing this story:

He said that for the past two months cars with Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York plates have followed him numerous times, but he didn't contact authorities sooner because he distrusts police.

On one occasion he parked in the garage of his River Court building and when he walked out he saw two men get out of a car across the street, police said. One of them gestured toward his waistband as though threatening that he had a weapon, U-God told the cops.

One time a driver tried to follow U-God's vehicle into the garage, but was unsuccessful, he told police, adding that sometimes the drivers roll down a window and nod at him.

The man who wrote "Kick Azz," "I'm Talkin' to You," "Dance With a Gangsta," "Ghetto Gutter," "Rumble," and "Heart of Stone" said he felt threatened and couldn't take it any more so he went to police for help. He filed a suspicious persons report. No one has been charged, police said.

I truly feel bad for this guy. It sounds like he's finally lost his marbles after years of riding the bench while seeing his teammates get more and more playing time.

But why did Mr. Black Shampoo have to go to the police?

What did he think that would accomplish? Aside from solidifying his place in Hiphop as a weak-rapping, scaredy-cat, paranoid snitch?

Hard to imagine that the star of the videos below is the same man singing like a canary to the police.

U-God lost. Again.

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