Friday, July 18, 2008

Rappers Sample N*E*R*D's Music

Aside from Mickey Factz, I can't really think of too many rappers who have dared to sample the music of N*E*R*D for their own productions.

So it's refreshing to hear Brooklyn's own "Lessondary Nose" (no matter how mediocre 3/4 of the rappers are) over a loop of the bridge in N*E*R*D's song Everyone Nose, the lead single from their new album Seeing Sounds.

The Lessondary (pictured to the left) consists of Von Pea of Tanya Morgan, Spec Boogie, Elucid and Che Grand.

Von Pea rhymes first and easily outshines them all, and although I can normally appreciate efforts from Che, he and the other two emcees fall flat on this track, which features much of the original version's drum n' bass percussion, a reason they may have had trouble with the beat. Von wasn't fazed though.

Here's some video footage of them performing the track:

The next song is by FKi, which apparently stands for Fly Kids Inc. They're signed to Mickey's label GFC, and they do a nice job with N*E*R*D's Spaz track. Nothing special, but still very nice. Whoever they are.

FKi: Spazz Freestyle

N*E*R*D's video for Spaz follows:

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