Friday, July 18, 2008

The Clipse Video: Fast Life

I still have love for The Clipse despite the obvious strains between them and The Neptunes, who are the reason for their very existence and fan base.

"Fast Life" is the first single from their Re-Up Gang album, and there is reportedly zero Neptunes involvement. If this lead single is any indication of where the album goes musically, I probably won't buy it.

This is a basic Scott Storch beat, and not very hot if you ask me. It sounds and feels like Scott probably sold this track for well under his market value (because he was trying to get his money back up to pay his back taxes while on the run, evading authorities).

It also sounds like one of those "jiggy" beats from the late 90s that were once so popular, complete with heavy a grand opening of synths and strings that eventually gives way to a mediocre melody.

Pusha and Malice trade rhymes bragging of wealth, women, cars and selling drugs, which, of course, unlike rap, is the primary source behind all of the aforementioned.

But as is usually the case with these two -- especially Pusha -- no matter what the song's subject matter may be, it always eventually comes back to a cocaine reference of some sort. And Pusha immediately shows that this song is no exception:

Whatchu wanna do with me?
King of the powder flow, untouchable
If you don't believe, then homey, you sniff me.
The scent's still trapped in my clothes
And I just came from over the stove.
Malice prefers the self grandiose approach on this track, but still makes it known that his lifestyle is a result of drug dealing:

My presence is an event.
The party don't start until they let us in.
That's right, ladies and gents,
Coke money to rap money, give it a rinse.
Next comes the spin cycle,
The rims on my Benz get more spins than Michael.
Overall it's a decent effort but by eschewing the Neptunes in favor of other, less talented producers alienates a lot of their fans, who may not really be eager to hear Pusha and Malice rhyme over amateur production.

The cheesy, typical video follows:

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