Friday, July 18, 2008

GZA Plots 50's Assassination

A UK blog is reporting that GZA is going to release a new song very soon called "Paper Plates" that specifically targets 50 Cent, a move that stems from some beef the two shared (pause) about a year ago.

Here is an excerpt from that article:

Last night I was out having a drink with GZA from the Wu-Tang Clan, after the 2nd London show this week. We were talking about anything and everything to do with hip-hop and the Ice-T / Soulja Boy debacle came up, as did the incident in Dec 2007 at Coko in London when a young fan took the mic and screamed “f–k 50 Cent” which the media gave the Genius credit for.

Although there wasn’t tonnes of bad blood, 50 did retort, and now GZA is picking up the hatchet. The Wu-Tang’s head henchman asked if I remembered the Jadakiss diss to 50 (which one??), I said ‘yes’ and he said ‘it’s like that… times ten… I’m going to annihilate 50, he can’t f–k with me lyrically’. I asked if it was the kind of record that would end 50’s career, and he said 50’s career is dead anyway, stating that the recent 100k soundscan for G-Unit’s ‘Terminate on Sight’ album would be a good for amount for a GZA album, but is garbage for one of 50’s. It doesn’t take long is GZA’s company to realise that he chooses his words wisely, and he’s not playing on this one.

Now, we all know about GZA's acumen as an emcee, but we also know that many times from a mainstream point of view popularity always wins over skills. (See the KRS and Nelly battle for further proof of this trend.)

And while GZA is damn near flawless with his rhymes, 50 is no slouch either.

And 50 doesn't need fancy wordplay to get his point across. That's never been his style. Meanwhile GZA relies on wittiness and metaphors as part of his inimitable style.

To be honest, in the eyes of the masses, I don't see how GZA can come out of this one unscathed, considering that outside of the underground he is not a well-known member of the Wu. So I fear he will be perceived as a near-irrelevant old school rapper trying to regain some prosperity and attention at 50's expense.

And I'm almost positive that will be how 50 tries to spin it.

But who can blame 50? I'd be scared if I were 50 because while GZA's attack may not end 50's rapping career, it will undoubtedly make a chunk of his fans switch allegiance, and after T.O.S.'s first week numbers, 50 can ill afford to lose many more fans.

I'll post the song as soon as it becomes available.

Below is a video of GZA going at 50 live on stage some time last year.

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