Monday, July 21, 2008

Pharrell: Father or Fool, Daddy or Duped?

Word on the street is that Pharrell has knocked up some model from Miami that he met less than a year ago.

Because Pharrell is such a private person no real details have been released other than the fact that some chick P has been banging turned up preggers.

Now I know this woman must be incredibly beautiful, but I certainly hope (for P's sake) that she didn't cut any holes in condoms or go retrieve a used condom from the garbage and inseminate herself.

In other words it is quite possible that this chick trapped him in hopes of cashing in on his hard-earned dough.

I hope Pharrell likes (I don't care if he loves her or not) this chick enough to do something in the best interest of the child, but either way he is screwed.

These types of "relationships" are doomed from the beginning (shout out to Kanye who had enough foresight to cut off his former fiancee and protect himself and his assets) and destined to last just a few years, if that, before child custody and alimony proceedings turn the father into
a bitter woman hater.

Apparently the mystery woman is "very pregnant" and "she hangs out with the backstage crew when he performs."

Truthfully I just hope this new madness does not affect his music at all.

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