Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Famous July 23 Birthdays!

Aside from your's truly celebrating a birthday today, the other great people of the earth who are turning one year older today are:

1989: Daniel Radcliffe, British Actor

1980: Michelle Williams, singer (Destiny's Child)

Monica Lewinsky, American Celebrity

Omar Epps, American Actor

Marlon Wayans, comedian

Sam Watters, Color Me Badd singer (the one with the creepy curly hair)

Elden Campbell, retired NBA player

1968: Gary Payton, retired NBA player

Philip Seymour Hoffman, American Actor

Slash, guitarist

Eriq La Salle, actor

Antoine Carr, retired NBA forward and center

Woody Harrelson, actor

Don Imus, radio disc jockey

And today's horoscope for all Leos gives me hope, although I know it's a load of shiznit. But I do like what it has to say about my money situation:

Your positivism lets you get right to the point. You have little patience, however, with those who do not take you seriously. You have plenty of enthusiasm and can accomplish many things. You have an inner self-confidence that burns with its own light. By watching your response to difficulties, a young or new co-worker learns ways of problem-solving. You are compassionate and patient with others. Your money-management skills come into play this afternoon as you discover new ways to invest. An impromptu gathering of friends this evening may find music the center of the gathering. Wondering why you do not do this more often may call for future get-togethers. These are the kinds of gatherings that uplift and heal.

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