Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BET's Terrence J Gets Beat Up in NC Night Club

Karma is truly a beeyotch.

And apparently so is Terrence -- or at least that's what he looks like in this photo, being escorted out of the club while looking extra disheveled -- who reportedly got beat up in a Chapel Hill, N. C. nightclub this past weekend after running his mouth to the wrong dude.

It's the same crime he was recently guilty of when he embarrassed co-host Rocsi (and, subsequently, himself) a couple of weeks ago by trying to show her up on air with repeated put-downs and off the cuff remarks about her reading ability. Only in that episode, he came out unscathed save for having to write Rocsi an apology, which was read on air, but not by Terrence.

What is truly uncanny is the timing of it all.

After making Rocsi look like somewhat of a baby last week when she walked out during a live taping of 106 & Park after Terrence dissed her, the blogs were on fire.

Opinions varied as to who was really to blame, but from what I read Rocsi evoked much more sympathy than Terrence, who came off like a cocky high school bully.

But for every action there is an equal or opposite reaction, and that theory again proved to be law when some nobody from North Carolina b*tched Terrence in the club. Everything was all good just a week ago., who provided the photo, added its own unique commentary about this past weekend's events in North Carolina:

And in the b*tchass move of the day, the other person chased him out the club while security tried to get involved. Terrence then hid out in his car looking scared for the rest of the night. Why he stayed there is beyond me but I have a feeling it was because his sloppy drunk self couldn’t drive. Tisk tisk Terrence. Sadly, nothing about this situation surprises me.
The video of the apology being read by singer Mario follows below:

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