Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Jim Jones Sends His Goonie Goons for Max B!

At least once every month Hot 97 sponsors a showcase of underground rap artists at SOB's -- called Who's Next -- as a way to give some shine to those who seem to be destined to live their careers in the shade.

My faves Mickey Factz and Kidz in the Hall have both participated in past showcases in front of crowds eager to hear the next great thing in rap.

But last night that monthly series took a turn for the worse.

Max B was headlining July's showcase and was reportedly chilling in the VIP section awaiting his turn on stage when about 50 people bumrushed Max and his crew. Reports vary, but I've heard that anywhere from one to several shots were fired, maybe only into the ceiling. No one was hurt.

But you'd have to be living under a Hiphop rock if you don't think Jim Jones, former Max B boss, friend and frequent collaborator, had nothing to do with this madness.

After co-writing Jim's past two album, Max began exchanging disses on wax with Jim after he was ousted from Jim's Diplomats crew. Each dis to one another has been soaked with venom and hatred. Max even went so far as to make a song ("She Touched it in Miami") about how Jim's wife tried to sex him.

These guys were so close that at one point during the taping of an episode for the now shelved Jim Jones reality show on VH1, Jim is seen counting cash to bail Max out of jail for attempted murder charges.

Max was responsible for many of the hooks you've heard from Jim, including and especially Jim's big hit "We Fly High".

But obviously something changed along the way, as it inevitably does when it comes to rap cliques and crews, and now they hate each other.

So much, in fact, that I would bet Max B's life that he was run up on by people representing Jim and his new Byrdgang crew.

One blog, who's author was in the house during the show, described last night's events like this:

So I went to the Max Concert at SOBs. Here’s the chronicle of events:

-I walk in
-Take flick with Max
-Go 2 bar
-Couple people walk in
-Those couple people brought about 48 of their closest friends
-They surround Max who’s in VIP
-Swizz Beatz song “Where The Cash At” plays
-Things are thrown
-Fight breaks out
-Song stops
-I (along with the whole club) hit the floor
-Night over

Can’t get any more detailed then that without dry snitching. But I got confirmation that Max is ok and is making a big announcement tomorrow. Crazy night! Gotta love NYC

Crazy indeed.

Funny thing is that exactly what Max B aka Biggavelli (yes, that's right -- he claims to be the incarnation of part Biggie and part 2Pac...) wants. He'd love to be shot and turned into a martyr, whether he lives or dies.

Max has really carved out a career based on beef, including his other running feud with Prodigy, which is detailed in one of Max's numerous YouTube clips available online.

This is normally the part where I say Hiphop is dead but, dare I say, Max B IS NOT Hiphop, so I can just chalk this up as some more shameful black foolishness...

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