Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nate Dogg: I Don't Replace Them, I Chase Them

OK, I'm noticing a pattern here -- Nate Dogg habitually gets arrested for wilding out on women.

And after hearing about his arrest on Monday, I see nothing has changed.

You would think a man who is fresh off a stroke would see life from a different perspective and approach every day without that same reckless abandon that keeps him in trouble. But if you thought that then you were wrong.

Nate was charged on Monday with making terrorist threats and driving with a suspended license. But this arrest, like with many of his past criminal incidents, has to do with a woman. And a deeper look into the situation reveals that immediately before the arrest he was actually chasing his ex-girlfriend on a California freeway, driving recklessly and making menacing threats toward her the whole time. She called the police, who apprehended both vehicles and arrested Nate, who obviously shouldn't have been driving in the first place. He pleaded guilty Tuesday morning.

And it's not a coincidence.

In June 2000, Nate was arrested at his home for both kidnapping his then-girlfriend and being a felon in possession of a firearm. In that incident he "allegedly" held his ex against her will, assaulted her, and then finally set her mother's car on fire. He was charged and booked for arson, making terrorist threats, and domestic violence. A gun was found on him during is arrest. I guess when he made bail he went and threatened his ex again because all charges were subsequently dropped except for one -- the gun -- and incredibly Nate, the felon, only got three years of probation and charged a $1,000 fine.

And just three months ago Nate pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence, aggravated trespassing and battery stemming from a 2006 incident when he broke and entered into a house where his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend just happened to be. Nate then took that opportunity to punch the new boyfriend in his face several times before deciding to leave. In that case he was sentenced three years informal probation, which included mandatory completion of a domestic violence/batterers treatment program and not owning a weapon for 10 years.

If I weren't such a lazy researcher I would list some more examples, since we all know there must be more. This type of behavior doesn't just happen to manifest itself starting eight years ago for a man who was already into his 30s at that point. I didn't even list the random drug and gun busts that will help keep this man under California legal supervision for decades to come.

I love his songs and his voice -- he's the new era T.J. Swan for real! -- but if there was ever a time to fall back and chill, this is it! He makes Mack 10 look like Mother Teresa!

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