Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Pharrell on the Cover of Paper Magazine

Superproducer and Virginia's favorite son Pharrell Williams graces the cover of the new June/July issue of Paper Magazine, which has a nice little feature on Skateboard P and some of his passions beyond the music.

Pharrell discusses his obsession with high fashion when the interviewer asks about his huge bag he has with him -- the same bag he is seen flaunting on the magazine's cover.

"Don't call it a murse," he says, pulling out his second look from the gargantuan purple croc Herm├Ęs tote, which he has accessorized with another Jacob keychain, this one covered in yellow diamonds to match the bag's gold hardware. "It's not a man purse. It's my travel bag." A custom-made Haut a Courroies to be exact, the bag that inspired the smaller, obsessively collected style that was named after British actress Jane Birkin. Williams declines to say how much he paid for it because that would be "tacky," but when pressed, admits that it costs as much as a high-end Mercedes. He has six of them in various colors. And another on order.
Frightening to think he has that much disposable income that he can pay the amount is costs to buy a top notch Benz for a damned hand bag.

It's a decent read, and it's online now.

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