Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crooklyn Dodgers Reunion in BK on Saturday

Celebrate Brooklyn and the Lyricist Lounge are presenting a 90 underground Hiphop extravaganza on Saturday in Prospect Park.

Hosted by two of the original members of the Crooklyn Dodgers, Buckshot and Special Ed, the concert will feature other Crooklyn Dodgers alumni Masta Ace, O.C., Chubb Rock and Jeru the Damaja.

Also on the bill is Masta Ace's new group eMC, a four man crew made up of Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, and Ace protege/Milwaukee emcee Stricklin. They just a few months ago released "The Show," a very good conceptual album about a Hiphop group on a low-budget tour.

Jungle Rock Junior, the reggae-influenced artist formerly known as Chip-Fu, from the 90s group Fu-Schnickens, completes the show's roster.

And it's all $free.99.

No word on if the Crooklyn Dodgers 3 team will make an appearance, but it couldn't hurt! Jean Grae better be in attendance, at least, retirement be damned! I will give Memphis Bleek a pass for being absent if he promises to stay home and practice writing rhymes, something he obviously hasn't done much of since the summer of '96. I'm pretty sure Mos will be too busy to even know about the event but that would be a good look if he showed up. Especially seeing that it is Brooklyn, the place he pays homage to in every one of his rhymes. Mos might be overseas filming a movie, getting his money, though, so I couldn't blame him for that. We need some new music from him soon! But I digress...

I confess to never loving the first Crooklyn Dodgers effort, but the song was everywhere that summer. It''s still debatable if Q-Tip produced it or J. Dilla.

I think it's pretty curious that none of the three Brooklyn anthems were produced by Brooklyn beat makers.

Here are videos for all three installments of the Crooklyn Dodgers, in the order they were released:

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