Thursday, June 26, 2008

HanSoul: "Imagination"

In high school I wanted to be HanSoul so bad.

I had the same hair and clothes he had in his video, and I wanted to master the same dance moves he and his crew showed off in the below video. And of course I had those Girbaud overalls he was rocking. Actually, I still have them.

Anyway this video reminds me of the time in my life when my biggest worry was if I should get a fade once or twice a week. (I settled on getting one twice a week during basketball season and once a week the rest of the time.)

I even chose my DJ name (DJ Hand Solo) because of this guy's stage name.

Apparently HanSoul has gone the pious route and now makes Christian rap music and spreads the word of Christ wherever he goes.

I have been searching all over for this mp3 so if anybody has it please leave it in the comments section!

Big shout out to Temple University and Philly.

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