Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rocsi Should be Fired!

Can you really blame 50 this time?

Of all people, the two-bit 106 & Park co-hostess proclaimed in a drunken rage that there is no competition when it comes to deciding between 50 and Kanye as to who has the hotter album.

To make matters worse, she called both 50 and his album "garbage." To be specific, she pronounced the word "gah-bidge." Even after the interviewer tried to stop Rocsi from doing further damage, Rocsi made a point to say again that 50 and his album were garbage and even went so far as to offer a chance to viewers who feel the opposite to prove it to her, and she will buy them ... (drumroll, please) a free copy of 50's album.

Brazen is not the word. Stay off the sauce, Rocsi.

50 recently responded by announcing that he knows four dudes who have banged her and calls her a "pop," which I guess is the new slang for a jumpoff.

Now, my thing is under normal circumstances in the world of broadcast media, if a host or hostess of a television show openly lambastes a celebrity that is regularly featured on the show, that host/hostess would have been disciplined in some way shape or form.

Hopefully Stephanie Hill grows some balls and morphs back into Stephen and suspends Rocsi for behavior detrimental to BET, although BET's programming deserves the same disciplinary action, as well, but I digress...

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Anonymous said...

First off 50's always talkin some mess about somebody, jus becuze his music is wack. He toots his own horn & thinks that other people are suppose to as well... NOT!!!!! I dont care if Rocsi totally embarassed 50 to his face, he needs some criticism. Somebody needs to destroy his career the way he did Ja Rule's. And as for 50 calling her a "pop"... PLEASE!!! Even if it is true, he's probably jus mad cuz she wouldn't give him no play. Stop hatin Rocsi & get a life, the girl only said that his album was wack... Which is a true statement!!!! The numbers don't lie.