Thursday, May 22, 2008

"I touch the masses like a Catholic"

Common - Universal Mind Control Feat. Pharrell (Prod. Neptunes)

While I've heard plenty of moans and groans regarding Common's recent announcement that his new, upcoming album "Invincible Summer" would be void of Kanye beats (and executive producing role) and replaced mostly with the Neptunes' sound(s), this song right here is every indication that there need be no more worrying.

Skateboard and Chad Chase go all the way in (pause) on this nostalgic yet futuristic track, a very fresh and updated version of an Afrika Bambataa classic. And Common sounds right at home on this beat, weaving in and out of every line with gems like "Charismatic, Asiatic, I hustle for mathematics, Camera’s action change the status, Actor tappin your favorite actress".

The streets and backpackers alike may shun this record's sound, but Com is a rapper first and foremost, and I can't remember the last time he let us down in the lyrics department. Dude can still rhyme with the best of them, and he's always got something to say, even when he's sweating himself like on this song. I expect good things from this album.

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