Monday, June 30, 2014

'Jack of Spades' is the best rap song on a film's sountrack. Ever.

The beat.

The lyrics.

The concept.

It was an instant classic.

However, there are a few other songs that can legitimately make a valid claim to be the greatest rap song to highlight a movie soundtrack.

Spike Lee, though, came through with a few of them, too.

Can't forget this gem, either.

But then there are the undeniable classics from the beginning that also deserve rightful consideration.

And here's an honorable mention for all my fans of the Killa Beez out there.

And I'm sure you probably have a track in mind that I may have [intentionally] forgotten, so let me know.

And don't even think of saying Lose Yourself, despite 8 Mile steadily nearing classic rap movie status.

Regardless, I still think BDP set the bar a bit too high for all of the others to compare. (Plus, I always wanted that dope jacket KRS sported!!)

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