Monday, October 10, 2011

Video: Math Hoffa, Double Barrel Feat. Method Man

This artist was originally featured on this blog as part of my "rap [names] is outta control" series, a reference to his seemingly nonsensical stage name.

However, it's the music that ultimately prevails. And he's got a heatrock on his hands with this one right here, courtesy of equally randomly-named producer J. Glaze.

While it's not the most artistic music video of all time, we do get treated to a Method Man sighting, which had become a rarity since the IRS came after him a couple of years back. And Meth, continuing where he left off on 2006's severely slept on 4:21: The Day After, rips it.


Hip Hip News said...

Nice to see such a good video!

Rap Beats said...

Great Video!! The beats are nice :)

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