Saturday, August 20, 2011

Vado: Celebration (Video)

VADO : CELEBRATION from wolph creation on Vimeo.

Nearly a year after releasing the critically regarded Slime Flu mixtape, Cam'ron's latest protege, Vado, has released the corresponding video for his song Celebration.

It's a well done video, edited around footage of various Vado interviews in which the rapper looks to be humbled by the accolades thrown at him, a prominent theme within the song's lyrics that indicate a celebratory toast to his impending success is due.

And I couldn't agree more.

However, I do wonder why Vado (or his management) chose to shoot a video for this song when he has a ton of other, more recent songs to choose from that are slightly more timely, considering that this "celebration" seems a bit premature despite Vado's debut three long years ago.

After all, he is still basically a local Harlem rapper with a record deal but no studio album to sell, only relying on his mixtape contributions (which, it should be noted, are highly impressive in their own right).

Why not shoot a clip for Check Em Out, his song with Jadakiss and Ludacris? With its Doug E. Fresh sampled hook, sparse beat accentuated by hand claps -- and, oh yeah, two superstar rappers -- it had all the makings of a hit at most and a summer anthem at least.

He did shoot visuals for Always On, his Nike-sponsored, street basketball tribute, but, with its lack of "violence and drugs overall" content (the acronym for Vado's moniker) it came off as more of a commercial and product placement than it did a true Vado song.

Maybe this is the first step in Vado trying to get out from under Cam'ron's shadow, but the time is now to establish himself as a capable solo artist as opposed to continuing to be depicted as Cam's hypeman or sidekick, which is how he comes across at times in the video.

I'm rooting for him but if the past is any indication of what's to come Cam'ron will have a hard time letting his artist Vado get his own shine.

Some of my favorite Vado moments that more than prove his worth as a solo rapper follow below:

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