Monday, August 22, 2011

NaS & AZ Reunited; Aiming for the 'Throne'?

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but when I saw the above image -- tweeted yesterday by the rapper AZ -- my mind was flooded with way more than that, busy contemplating all the implications behind this one photo.

Namely, what exactly are NaS and AZ doing in the studio together?

Are they just working on a song to be featured on one or both of their future albums?

Is this just a mixtape track they're working on?

Did they just happen to be in the same studio at the same time and came together for a chronic break?

Or, the most obviously glaring question -- have they come together to record a collaborative album as a response to Jay-Z and Kanye's most recent effort, which has some Hiphop traditionalists disappointed at its alternative approach?

At the 'Nasty' video shoot this month.
More than likely it's just the two of them working on a track for NaS' new album, which is supposed to be released next month.

Personally I'm still waiting on NaS to record that album produced entirely by DJ Premier, a rumor started years ago that still raises eyebrows and hopes alike at the potential full length collaboration.

However, if a NaS-AZ album does come go fruition, it's unlikely that there will be any complaints lyric-wise from fans and critics who recognize the two emcees as being at the top of their field, especially when paired together.

The quality of the album's production, a factor that has been known to take a back seat to the actual rhymes -- something that has plagued albums from NaS more so than AZ -- is another story, though.

One thing is undeniable -- these two have a rich history of creating great music together, so until I hear otherwise I'm going to assume that in the future that trend will continue to be true.

Amazingly, outside of visuals for The Firm -- and this Sprite commercial -- they have never filmed an actual music video for any of their duets. Below are some examples of what we the listeners have to [hopefully] look forward to:

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Rome Brown said...

A week has passed and this is the first time I've seen this picture. There HAS to be some music in the making.