Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Music Videos That Deserve to Be Seen

My Sunshine | Blu feat Nia Andrews from aaronisnotcool on Vimeo.

A gang of new music videos have recently been released by an assortment of artists who may or may not get the shine that they rightfully deserve for their particular brands of Hiphop and overall musical contributions to the culture.

As seen above, the rapper Blu (a/k/a B) basks in the enviable southern California weather for the appropriately named My Sunshine, the lead single for his upcoming album NoYork! This is an interesting choice for visuals considering this track sounds nothing like what I've heard from the rest of the album, which is a smorgasbord of different genres of music not necessarily associated with a traditional Hiphop album. Sa-Ra's own Shafiq Husayn is the track's producer. Fun fact: The cute vixen featured in this video was also his DJ during his tour last year.

Skyzoo also has a new video for Atypical, a not-so-new song from last year's exemplary collaboration album with producer !llmind. Nothing too special about the visuals, but the song is ill and Sky, as always, is straight spitting.

Joining Sky with his own late pass is Tanya Morgan lead rapper Von Pea's new video for Thanks for Your Children, a track from Pea's Gotta Have It, his side project released last fall. Even though this is from Von's solo album, the song features his fellow Lessondary crew members Elucid and Che Grand kicking rhymes over a hot beat. Look for Von and TM to be featured on 9th Wonder's upcoming album, which is scheduled for a September 27 release date.

Fam-Lay - Beach Cruiser from Illusive Media on Vimeo.

Star Trak's resident thug misfit Fam-Lay has been waiting years for his big break, which many assumed was back in 2004 when he was signed to Def Jam, a deal that quickly went south (no pun) and never got released. Some speculated the holdup was because the Neptunes resented Fam's choice of bringing in outside talent for the bulk of the album's production, a decision that has since resulted in a steep decline in the quality of his music, the above song not withstanding. This song, Beach Cruiser, was produced Neptunes member Chad Hugo, and despite the lack of a hot track, it's at least got a cool-looking video (complete with scantily clad white women) to draw in listeners and viewers. Little is known about his new EP, Turn Your Brain Off, aside from it is supposed to be released soon.

Lastly there is Mac Miller and his semi-new video for the song Best Day Ever, a slightly re-tooled version of the song found on the mixtape of the same name, which was released this past March. The unique thing about this video is the footage of preschool-aged Miller happily rapping along to Rapper's Delight, imagery that does much to support the Pittsburgh rapper's claims of being true to Hiphop and not another fly-by-night gimmick cashing in on being the next "it" white rapper. Not to mention the song is dope too, and Miller can rhyme with the best of them despite what appears to be somewhat of a speech impediment (which can maybe be chalked up to his marijuana habit he has admitted began in elementary school).

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