Thursday, August 21, 2008

Skyzoo Named Best Underground Lyricist for 2008

The unheralded soldiers of the rap ranks were given some long overdue shine at last week's 6th Annual Underground Music Awards.

Rappers who otherwise receive very little publicity outside of self-generated Internet content were nominated and recognized in a variety of categories, ranging from best producer to best Web site.

In my opinion, the most prestigious of the awards given out that night was for best lyricist, and I think it's pretty telling that the winner of the "Male Artist of the Year" award wasn't nominated for that category, and vice versa.

If you're named best lyricist of the year -- considering what the foundation of rapping truly is -- you should automatically be nominated for artist if the year just out of the virtue that one shouldn't go without the other.

Here's a brief example of the type of lyrical wizardry that earned him the award that he is holding in the above photo:

"And what I write
Sits right in the right light
And the light that I write
Might be brighter than light, hype.
Top ten alive,
15 magazines.
The album is top five and I'm only half complete."
Sky, always the humble one, recorded and released a personal thank you video for all his fans who voted for him.

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