Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Uncle Luke Calls Out Wiz Khalifa

A long time ago in what now feels like a galaxy far, far away, the founding fathers of this thing we call Hiphop established an unofficial code of conduct for any and everybody who is an active participant of the musical genre and lifestyle.

Unfortunately over the past decade or so the lines of those ground rues and regulations have been blurred to the extent that at best they are currently unrecognizable, and at worst they are completely ignored.

For example: copying, or, in Hiphop vernacular, biting, is completely unacceptable. This general rule was intentionally vague, applicable to a wide variety activities that include but are not limited to topics such as dance moves and the style in which a rapper performed his or her rhymes.

As the Hiphop nation expanded globally, so did its guidelines, which were, at one time, devoutly observed by most if not all of its devout. Just like "it takes a village to raise a child," Hiphoppers were expected to respond accordingly to instances where members strayed from the rules.

Keeping in that rich tradition, Luther Campbell -- former front man of the raunchy, controversial pioneering Miami Bass group 2Live Crew -- has decided to use his weekly column in his hometown's alternative tabloid to address the relationship between Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose.

Luke mainly takes umbrage with how Khalifa eagerly embraced publicly dating a former stripper who, as Campbell says, is only notable because "her ex-boyfriend is Kanye West."

He goes on:
"But Wiz Khalifa broke a cardinal rule in the rap game. You don't date another rapper's ex-girlfriend. ...

Rappers aren't like celebrity football and basketball players, who pass around exes like mustard. You got Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco dating Evelyn Losada, who was engaged to former Miami Heat forward Antoine Walker. ...
Despite the stereotypes, you rarely saw this kind of thing in hip-hop."

Editor's note: Although Wiz Khalifa's love life has nothing to do with me [or, presumably, his music], I tend to agree with Luke's sentiment, if for no other reason than my amazement at how a known former stripper can bounce around from rapper to pro athlete and then back to rappers and still have someone considering marrying her.

Luke, who was once known for making a career of objectifying women, seemingly fancying himself as a would-be Hugh Hefner Larry Flynt, what with his forays into soft core porn, has apparently done a complete 180 with his own lifestyle, coming off a respectable but ultimately unsuccessful campaign for mayor of Miami while also producing his own reality television series that portrayed him and his family in a wholesome light, espousing his version of family values.
Luke ends his column with a swift condemnation of the current crop of rappers on the rise, calling Wiz Khalifa, and "some members of his generation ... soft" for stumbling in the rap race after being handed taking the baton from their elders.

However, in an age where it's apparently no big deal for Hiphoppers to not only bite but also blatantly steal ideas and concepts, it is likely that Luke's message will fall on deaf ears.

A lot of people want to dismiss Luther Campbell as being nothing but a panderer who rose to fame on the back (literally) of scantily clad women, but regardless of the messenger, this point (among others) needed to be made.

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