Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Allure of Amber Rose

What is it about this bald woman that is compelling rich black men to lose all sense of rationale, allowing the former stripper to gain notoriety and infamy from dating Kanye West, which was before she dated the $100 million man, Amare Stoudamire, which preceded her current romance with hot rapper du jour, Wiz Khalifa?

Isn't she behaving in the most obvious of patterns for all gold-digging, talentless groupies? Haven't we seen this type of shameless hoeing before? What makes Amber Rose stand out above all the other groupies vying for the attention of her past conquests?

I wonder how those same aforementioned stars would react if Amber Rose was a dark-skinned woman with that same short-cropped hairdo.

Not that I'm advocating hoeing in any way, shape, form or fashion. I'm simply questioning the judgment of these wealthy pop culture figures who have a wide array of women to choose from, not just the limited pool of groupies that they seemingly prefer.

I'm not mad at Amber for getting her money while she can. Women like her who depend on a physical appearance for income have but a small window of opportunity to cash in. Once word hit the Web about indications of unsightly weight gain, she quickly quelled that rumor with the convenient timing of newly "leaked" photos of her frolicking topless in the Caribbean waters of Barbados, showing nothing remotely overweight about her at all.

But the question still remains -- what is so special about her that she has rich black men readily [and embarrassingly] accepting sloppy seconds? Who will be her next victim?

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sistah1 said...

Great question. I've wondered the same thing myself. We all know there's a double standard for the fair skinned. Kim Kardashian is famous primarily because of a sex tape. That would have never gotten a Tyra Banks or even Serena Williams the same sort of positive publicity. They'd just be hoes, plain and simple. SMH.