Friday, April 8, 2011

The Life & Times of Shawn Carter (The 2011 Version)

What is going on in the life and times of Shawn Carter?

Much like his favorite baseball team's arch nemesis, Jay-Z is going through a mind-boggling, highly unexpected slump. Only this time it will cost him $50,000.

And really it won't cost him personally, per se, since the professional sports franchise of which he is part owner will be held liable for Jay's own individual misgiving -- an NBA owner having inappropriate contact** with an amateur-status athlete.

You know, the same topic that should have been learned in NBA Ownership 101. If that course was ever attended by the person who, for clarity's sake, identifies himself as a "business, man," which is not to be confused with a "businessman" by any means.

But with this latest flap it makes one wonder if the Nets even need Jay at all, considering he was initially brought on board to help lure the league's best players to the Garden State -- a move the proved to be a failure when not one but ALL of the free agents this past summer passed on the chance, including, especially and ironically Jay-Z pal LeBron James, who many NBA insiders speculated would relish the opportunity to play for his idol.

However, with the Nets scheduled to eventually relocate to Jay's native Brooklyn, it would behoove ownership to keep him around for another couple of seasons to help boost ticket sales.

This NBA-related news comes on the heels of the arrest of rapper who Jay just months ago signed to his Roc Nation record label.

The rapper, K Koke, is from the UK and being held by English authorities under suspicion of attempted murder, which means Jay probably won't be able to exploit this brush with the law until the rapper is released, unlike what K Koke's American counterparts have managed to do when it comes to their own legal problems.

And speaking of the UK, Liam Gallagher of the group Oasis, apparently still mad at Jay getting the top billing at 2008's Glastonbury Festival, bashing Jay's Rocawear clothing line to a number of media outlets.

And we can't forget about the recent upheaval about Jay falsely representing himself as a connoisseur of all fine things in lieu of the fact that wine industry experts have officially declared Ace of Spades, Jay's current preferred brand of Champagne, as a highly inferior product.

Not to mention the fact that Jay's and Will Smith's pet project to remake the classic musical Annie starring Smith's own daughter, Willow, has been put on ice for the time being while searching for a director to replace the one who just quit.

Factor in those darned Illuminati rumors that have persisted for years now and the question is begged -- will these trends continue, leaving us to witness the eventual demise of arguably the best and most successful rapper of all time?

Don't get me wrong, Jay is presumably brushing this small clump of dirt off his shoulder, but these actions make you wonder if Jay is losing his aura of being untouchable.

**(No, not that type of inappropriate contact, though you are forgiven for considering that possibility.)

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