Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Green Was Never 2Pac's Color

The jealousy that 2Pac clearly felt toward so many figures in rap is extra apparent on a previously unreleased song that just found its way online.

Actually, to call it a song is somewhat of a misnomer. "Rant" is a much more appropriate adjective to describe the diatribe spewed over an unremarkable, throwaway beat that is oh so typical of the post-Dr. Dre Death Row Records.

In fact, Dre is a primary target on Watch Yo Mouth, which also sets its sights on dissing the usual suspects -- B.I.G., Puff and NaS -- making ridiculously inaccurate statements such as:
Bow down to Death Row
Fuck what you say
We untouchable now that we done shook Doc Dre
Ain't made a beat in six years but swear she's the shit
Won't get no record sales sucking NaS' dick.
Not even the peace-promoting De La Soul is safe from Pac's raging anger on the track:
De La got a problem with this hard shit
Ever since Me Myself and I y'all been garbage

I'mma keep it real, show y'all how it feel to ride
Y'all went three feet and stopped rising.

Even Wendy Williams gets some misogynous, quasi-homosexual lyrics aimed at her:

Wendy Williams is a fat bitch, that's the truth
I got a jar full of niggas' nuts, that's for you.

Of course no Pac diss track would be complete without him mentioning the two people he was most jealous of:

Cream Puff never had no heart to start
So how the hell Biggie Smalls get the part?
That last couplet screams envy more than a DJ Clue protégé.

The funny part is that in this day and age Pac's ploy is ultra transparent, as it has been well-documented that he knew Puff and Biggie had nothing to do with the infamous Quad Studios robbery but used the incident to stat of a bi-coastal war all in the name of record sales. Because Pac was broke and in debt to Suge Knight for bailing him out of Rikers, he did any and everything he could to earn money, even if it meant rapping lies that would eventually cause bloodshed.

What's even funnier is that every one of Pac's so-called enemies mentioned on this track are still making big noise. Puff is more popular and successful than ever; Biggie's biopic did well all over the world; Wendy Williams has successfully expanded from radio to television; De La Soul is still making music and stays touring, performing worldwide in front of adoring fans from all walks of life; Dr. Dre is a living legend, currently conquering the high-end headphones market while still churning out high quality productions for a range of artists that spans all genres; and, of course, NaS is still widely considered one of the top rap lyricists of all time, an honor that was awarded to him even before Illmatic dropped.

Oh, and did I mention that the actual music for the track in question is horrible? That can't be underscored and emphasized enough.

I guess what it all comes down to is that I just don't understand the hysteria surrounding 2Pac the rapper. He lacked a high percentage of the criteria that was used in the 90s to judge rappers -- rhymes, lyrics and wordplay, for starters.

He definitely had all the swagger (a trait that currently outweighs actual skills in today's rap music landscape), but he was still a trained actor first and foremost. I always found it curious why more people and critics alike didn't recognize that his knack for histrionics and the controversy he generated were not a convenient coincidence.

However, it's always nice to be reminded of Pac's dearth of true rapping ability, so I am extending a sincere 'thank you' to whomever leaked this song online. I'm glad to know that my feelings toward his music continue to be justified.


Anonymous said...

Jealousy? U imprudent idiot witless was no jealousy it was an act of defense.tupac wouldn't have demeaned those suckers for no justification.first off all dre wasn't Embroil in any death rows latest ventures at that time and he was getting credit for them.what's that?that's illogical and so he left.secondly de la came to strike tupac before he resolved to hit them back.thirdly nas made himself sound like hes unbreakable and he was in total control that he had the ability to conduct a beef with whoever he wants and he got what was waiting for him.fourthly Wendy Williams the fat blimp stinky whore accused tupac of being raped in jail she overdid it that people started to get dejected and send letters to him whilst he's in jail and he was pissed,fifthly biggie contribute in Orchestrate the ambush by being persuaded by queen puff.those combined together constitute an allowance for tupac to assault them all verbally."jealousy is not sufficiently prominent to declare an Onslaught it's rationality and logic that turn into an impulse to the Necessity of protection"

barry x said...

C'mon kid. Some random "rant" that surfaces on the internet doesn't do anything to substantially disparage Tupac's name or relevance to popular culture. There's plenty of content of real social and political relevance in his catalog to justify his stature and beloved icon status. As far as mc'ing goes, I have a hard time believing he never displayed note worthy mic skills-- especially on "All Eyez on Me" and "Makaveli". Like it or not, Tupac has globally recognized CLASSIC records, something artists of any genre would like to attain during their career. Tupac's iconic status; sure, some of that strictly has to do with the courage to say what he believes and stand up for what he thinks is right. So be it. You don't think he deserves the "credit" he's been accorded in that regard. I get that, but take a look at him in the larger social context. I find it hard to argue against him being an important public figure. The FBI doesn't have files on random people. Take a closer look at who was really involved in that first shooting homey. Some of your points to devalue that "rant' are as meaningless as some of things said in the song itself. Not sure everyone is making "big noise" there. Regardless, that doesn't have anything to do w a personal beef. I hope you're not suggesting the "big noise" being made by those individuals somehow invalidates Tupac's stature or impact on popular culture. You suggest his beefs were manufactured for record sales; I actually believe he truly hated the individuals he was embroiled with, justifiably or not. But let's be both clear and realistic, Pac didn't need a dis record for sales; he could make "How Do U Want It" or "I Get Around". By the way... a trained actor-- yup. Just like what the Fresh Prince and L.L. are these days. Rappers in Hollywood. I think we know who was ahead of the curve on that one.

Anonymous said...

This post sounds like it should start with "dear diary" and continue with "I finally got my wish!". Some random song surfaces on the internet and now your personal hatred of Tupac is justified? Not too sure about this one; I don't think the math really adds up. There's gotta be some dignity lost in trumpeting Wendy Williams' accomplishments over Tupac's.

BC-TW said...

Need I touch on how Pac's "thug life" campaign took rap music for a detour it still hasn't found its way
back from?

He was an actor and he had you all fooled from a role that he played oh so well. An Oscar was in his future, not a Grammy.

Pac fans are so passionate! Thanks for reading!

Ivan Gervais said...

Your point of view is so twisted. Basically he was a very talented, smart and outspoken person who valued respect in a business full of backward ass snakes.