Friday, April 1, 2011

Kid Cudi Quits Weed, Says It's For 'Kids'

Kid Cudi today announced via his Tumblr account that he has stopped using marijuana, an ironic move considering he owes all his fame to marijuana, the very topic of his breakout debut single Day 'N' Nite.

Going even further, he alienated his fans who may not want to see him quit, saying that he knows "misery loves company," implying that all of his fans who smoke weed are doing so out of a certain dissatisfaction with themselves.

He goes on to say that "hell does have an exit, and I found it. For those who are looking for a way out, i left the door open, and ill be waiting for whoever wants to grow with me," suggesting that anybody who desires to continue [or start] using marijuana is stunting their own development.

Adding that "Im happy being sober. Im happy being a new me. Giva fuck who thinks of me different, you didnt care about me in the first place if you cant be proud and happy for me growing up and starting a new chapter," another blatant insinuation that being intoxicated in general is juvenile at best.

What Cudi forgot to mention is that he earned his nickname Mr. Rager because of the wild behavior he displayed during his cocaine binges, which in one case resulted in him being arrested after literally tearing an apartment door off its hinges. So of course he now disapproves of marijuana use -- it's not particularly advisable for a recovering cocaine addict to use any narcotic of any type, period, lest he or she wants to fall of the proverbial wagon.

I can understand Cudi wanting to get clean after enduring his drug-induced problems, but for him to make such sweeping generalizations about people who use marijuana (including but not limited to his loyal fans who have helped him remain popular) is probably nothing more than a regurgitation of what his drug counselors told him at rehab, which is what I'm guessing prompted him to end his drug use.

But really the bigger question is that if Cudi now frowns upon smoking weed, will he still perform Day 'N' Nite -- his biggest hit to date -- at his concerts? If so, will he come off as a hypocrite? If not, will he maintain his loyal fanbase, some of whom buy concert tickets specifically to hear him perform that song?

Really, what is the point in publicly announcing that he will no longer be smoking weed? Why not just make that change in private? Or better yet, why not be creative and make a song about it?

Instead Cudi went the dangerous route of condemning all drug use, setting himself up for a very public relapse, not to mention this crazy PR move will probably not be met with open arms from the same Hiphop community that helped him maintain a high-ranking presence on the Billboard charts.

Part of Cudi's allure was that he was an unabashed, drug-using rebel. It will be interesting to see the transformation that his image undergoes for his next album since he can no longer rely on his bread and butter -- making songs about drug use.

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