Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pharrell Called Racist After Vegas Performance

N*E*R*D performed in Las Vegas this past Monday and apparently left at least one fan in attendance questioning if Pharrell was an anti-Semite.

Of course it was all captured on video -- albeit with grainy footage shot from quite a distance.

But the audio is crystal clear, and Pharrell can be heard during a break between songs encouraging the crowd to become "one big, giant German mosh pit."

And although the audience sounds as if they're in full support, a fan standing in front of the cameraman wonders aloud about Pharrell's curiously-phrased plea, asking "what the fuck?"

While all of this is happening, Pharrell, as seen on stage through the low-quality lens of what is probably a fan's BlackBerry, is purportedly proudly raising and extending his arm in a Nazi symbol. Here is the video in question:

But somehow the crowd is still cheering? For a Nazi symbol thrown up by Pharrell? Even though the concert is in Vegas, which features the "fastest growing Jewish population in North America"? Something just doesn't add up here.

And it's not like Pharrell pulled a Prince Harry, or even a Mel Gibson.

TMZ [and its Jewish founder Harvey Levin] is currently fanning the flames by intentionally directing readers to video footage from a separate live event from two years earlier (while claiming it was from this week's Vegas show) in which Pharrell is "goosestepping," which, as defined, is a "marching step performed in formal military parades and other ceremonies," and not exclusive to the anti-Semitic movement.

Just a few years ago Pharrell was photographed by TMZ (!!) while happily participating in the celebration of an Orthodox Jew wedding. Now all of a sudden he hates Jews?

If anybody has ever seen a N*E*R*D performance then it's obvious that the hand signal used by Pharrell was nothing more than the omnipresent Star Trek Vulcan sign, which N*E*R*D and the Neptunes have since adopted as their own.

And yes, Pharrell has been seen on stage slam dancing like a maniac with his arms and legs swinging wildly -- a dance style that is oftentimes associated with Skinheads and Neo-Nazis. But it's also the preferred style of dance when it comes to mosh pits. The same mosh pit that Pharrell encouraged the audience to participate in.

But Romper Stomper this is not. Pharrell was simply trying to stimulate crowd participation, a crucial element for any live performance.

The "soldier" remark was nothing but a reference to N*E*R*D's song of the same name, which is as close to a speed metal song as they've ever made. And, of course, speed metal is the music genre of choice for the Neo-Nazi movement.

The casual eye is susceptible to seeing things through a blurry lens, and this particular instance is no exception.

The truth of the matter is that it would have been literally impossible for Pharrell and his career to enjoy such a high level of success without the help and support of the many powerful Jewish people behind the scenes in the entertainment industry.

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