Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bronx Keeps Creating It!

These now classic lyrics first rapped by KRS-One almost a quarter of a century ago have never been more timely.

The Bronx -- also and best known as the birthplace of Hiphop -- in the past few years has made a serious resurgence with new, talented rappers seemingly coming out of nowhere, contributing some high quality beats and rhymes that should not be overlooked.

But while there's enough food in the kitchen for everybody to eat, three Bronx-bred pioneering Hiphoppers in particular want their borough (and the rest of the world) to know that they are still ready, willing and quite able to make the same type of music that once had them at the top of everybody's list of favorite rappers.

A rapper-producer when he first teamed up with AG in 1992, Showbiz put down the mic in 1995 in favor of personifying the Bronx in his music, churning out under appreciated dark and gritty street beats on a regular basis ever since.

So it's only right that he return to the forefront by teaming up with KRS-One for their Godsville album, an outlet that provides each of them a chance to rekindle the flames and chemistry of their past work together as well as create a full length album in the same vein of those collaboration albums that have been finding more and more popularity in and interest from the Hiphop community.

Several songs from the upcoming digital-only release have "leaked" online, providing a glimpse into what to expect from this unlikely duo's album, and so far the results are nothing short of dope.

Check out Improve Myself, which showcases Showbiz's signature steady drums under some muted, regal-sounding horns, all with KRS flowing about the need to stay improving oneself in a variety of ways, but especially when it comes to the music:

And KRS, fresh off last year's release of both an LP and an EP, continues to verbally assault the world and in the process cement his reputation of being the hardest working rapper alive.

But anytime Showbiz's name is mentioned, his main rhyming partner AG is bound to come up in conversation. And this time is no different.

AG has been busy juggling multiple independent musical endeavors, with last year seeing the release of three projects in particular that helped to reestablish him as one of the best, most sincere lyricists that Hiphop has ever had.

First there was the unexpected Everything's Berri album; then the J Dilla tribute mixtape; and finally, this past December there was the Thriller 2 mixtape with 950Plus, on which AG the soloist teamed up with two fellow Bronx rappers and returned to the form that won listeners over on his debut album more than a decade ago.

And now, as if he hasn't been busy enough, he's back with yet another full length album, Berri TV, due out at some point this month.

(Editor's note: From what I can garner from innumerable listens, the word "berri" is a positive term in AG's parlance. I'm not sure of its derivation or origin, but all indications are that it means something good.)

Here is the album's first single. Enjoy.

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