Monday, August 25, 2008

Yung Berg Gets Stomped Out and Robbed in Detroit

The latest rapper to adopt the "Yung" moniker and achieve success in rap was this past weekend beaten up in a night club and robbed of his gaudy chain that was styled after the Transformers logo.

Chicago rapper Yung berg was in Detroit gearing up for his headlining appearance at a local radio station's concert which was scheduled for the following day.

But as part of his contract he was to make an appearance at a local nightclub, which just happened to be co-owned by none other than Detroit rapper Trick Trick, who is notorious for participating in felonious activities.

The word is that as soon as Berg stepped in the spot a bunch of dudes pounced on him, leaving Berg with bruises galore. But when the dust settled and Berg found himself with a lighter neck and wrists (aka no jewels...), it is debatable which was bruised more -- his face or his ego.

Regardless, Berg had to take a major loss and cancel his performance for the following day because he didn't want to be seen in public with a bruised face. Kind of like Q-Tip while filming the Hot Sex video, except Tip just put on a mask and kept it moving.

Apparently Berg had made some disparaging remarks about Detroit and dudes in the D don't react favorably when you talk slick about their home town.

When I first heard about this I was hoping that some dark skinned girls ran up on him because of some other disparaging remarks Berg made in the past...

As you can see above, someone is already taking credit for the robbery by posing with that Transformers chain on.

And now Berg finds himself in a dicey predicament -- does he go to the police and report the crime (thus making him a snitch, an unforgivable crime in rap), or does he just take it as a loss?

My bet is on the latter, but I'm hoping he does the former so that he meets his end in the music industry sooner rather than later.

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