Monday, July 28, 2008

The Officer Ross Jokes Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Studio gangsters who do nothing but tout fictional accounts of crime in their "reality rap" lyrics should all be losing sleep in the wake of Rick Ross (AKA Officer Ross) being exposed like a person undressed.

As if Ross's situation can't get any worse or any more embarrassing for the self proclaimed man who is owed "a hundred favors" by former drug kingpin Manuel Noriega, apparently The Smoking Gun has released more damaging information that further confirms Ross's employment by the Florida Department of Corrections.

While Ross continues to deny the so-called allegations, a certificate of Ross's perfect attendance as a corrections officer made its way to the Internet.

And if that's not bad enough, Hip Hop DX is reporting that Ross's fellow rapping Floridian Plies has also been found guilty of embellishing on his own criminal history.

Of course none of this is surprising to the educated Hiphop fan, who knows better than to believe most of what many rappers claim is true. Hell, Jay-Z lied about stabbing Un Rivera as a marketing technique to help sell records (which, by the way, worked to a tee).

Rappers should be very worried that they are next on the list of Hiphoppers who do nothing but front on wax, knowing that if what they rhymed about was true they would have been in jail a long time ago.

Rick Ross is guilty of associating with law enforcement, thus making him a snitch as dictated by the streets.

Ironically, the following rappers all rap about how many people they have robbed, killed or dealt drugs to -- or a combination of all three -- which means they have, in effect, snitched on themselves.

Gotta love Hiphop, the paragon of hypocrisy. The list of rappers who misrepresent themselves is far too lengthy so I will limit my examples of fraudulent-claiming rappers to the below usual suspects:

The Clipse -- Since their late 90s demo they have boasted of their cocaine dealing prowess, which they say continues to this day. They are now part of the Re-Up Gang, who's name is a reference to buying more drugs when their supply gets low so they can continue to deal drugs. Their last album included a song called "Keys Open Doors".

Young Jeezy -- Jeezy has made a very successful career of rapping about selling cocaine, including an oxymoronic t-shirt campaign that featured an angry-looking snowman (a reference to cocaine, of course) with the words "stop snitching" on the back. He also refers to himself as "Mr. 17.5," alluding to his low price of only $17,500 for a kilo of cocaine.

All of Dipset -- Hell, they even made a movie about how they sell drugs. Even Jim Jones, the most successful member of the Dips, is still making songs about selling crack even though he is a record label executive.


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