Monday, July 28, 2008

Nelly Agrees to Wear Puff's Underwear

OK, my disdain (I'm not a hater!) for Nelly is well documented on these pages.

But wowsers, he has just gone way too far for my likings right now.

I'll give him a pass for all his coonery.

I'll give him a pass for singing when he claims to be a rapper.

I'll give him a pass for making slow jams with R&B and Country music artists.

I'll even give him a pass for thinking he could disrespect the Blastmaster KRS-One.

But now, as we approach his complete irrelevance in the music industry, even after he was seen getting mushy with an ugly, dirty-looking, talentless Brit (no, not Amy) who is rumored to exchange sexual favors for music, he has pulled the most questionable move ever -- agreeing to model Sean Jean undergarments.

I know the greatest basketball player of all time models Hanes, and even David Beckham gets his model on with Calvin Klein, but those two are the very best that their respective sports have to offer. They get more than a pass because they are icons in their fields.

But I can't give Nelly a pass for this nonsense.

I mean Christ! Would you look at that picture? Imagine the print ads! It won't be long until the day we read about Nelly on Sunset Boulevard soliciting a hooker who is the proud owner of an Adam's apple.

Fueling the flames -- if you catch my drift -- is Puff's statement about the endorsement:

"To me, Nelly is the quintessential definition of the Sean John man."
Lest we forget how the American Heritage Dictionary defines the term "Nelly"...

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