Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Mickey!


Just as I was saying how Mickey is the future he comes along and drops two very dope songs in his weekly series of songs, along with his requisite explanation about the tracks:

"For week #30, I wanted to do the 2 for 1 sale. So I jumped in the studio with Tanya Morgan and made some shit! Some real Hip Hop shit. Gotta respect it."
The first joint with TM is crazy. I wasn't really sure about how I felt about songs with Mickey collaborating, but this song really works well. It's just on some braggadocio type of rhyming:

"This time I bring it back to the essence,
And still move forward, never trapped in the present.
But it's still a gift that Factz is presenting.
Untie the bow and then capture the lesson."
Von and Donwill contribute some nice rhymes but Mickey outshines them both -- even though he has the middle verse -- as he should since it's his song.

The second track features Mickey conceptually at his best, referencing the increasing pressure youth have growing up, including one verse from the perspective of a black kid and another from that of a white kid. It showcases Mickey's songwriting ability as well as his ability to adapt to any type of track; in this instance, an R&B song originally performed by Star Trak artist Robin Thicke where the music and hook vocals come from.

We Ain't Feat. Tanya Morgan

Keys of Life Feat. Robin Thicke

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