Thursday, June 12, 2008

Writer or a Biter? is reporting this morning that some washed-up boxer, clearly grasping for straws at an obviously very desperate point in his life, is suing the Jiggaman for $88 million, all in the name of the infamous "whisper" style of rap that Jay started using right around the release of the Blueprint 2: The Gift & the Curse. This mystery man wants us all to believe that he and he alone created the "whisper rap" style.

For those who were able to attend Jay's "Blueprint Lounge Tour" got to hear Jay fine tuning and ultimately mastering this new phenomenon known simply as "whisper rap". However, it isn't so much a whisper as it is just lowering the volume of one's voice while still enunciating clearly. Jay seemed to use it to emphasize certain lines, not necessarily as a style throughout an entire song, though.

With that said, most Jay-Z fans have known for years that Jay did not come up with that style of rhyming on his own. But we never heard of this loser, who claims he gave Jay his demo tape back in 2001. (On a side note, why did it take him 7 years to file this suit? I'm skeptical already.)

We have, however, heard of the Young Gunz, a teenaged rap duo formerly signed to Jay's Roc-a-Fella Records. Comprised of Young Chris and Young Neef, they achieved moderate success from the two albums they released.

But more importantly, if you ever listened to those Young Gunz albums, or to the many mixtape verses supplied by Young Chris, then you already know who pioneered the infamous whisper rap style. And his name isn't "whatchamacallit" who is trying his best to dig in Jay's pockets, which Forbes just confirmed got much fatter since June 2007.

Regardless of its origin, I'm eager to see hat happens from here on out, considering Jay may have to answer for this in one way or another. If not in court then in the media, or in rhyme.

I'm sure some new jack rapper will try to use this as a topic to get at Jay on wax since beef seems to work better than demo tapes when it comes to jump starting a rap career.

I also want to see if Young Chris cares to comment on this. Ultimately I'm sure Jay will make this little pest go away emptihanded, but I think regardless of the outcome one thing has clearly been established: Jay-Z did not create that whisper flow, which doesn't necessarily place an asterisk next to his name on the list of greatest rappers of all time, but it does bring back up the ugly rumor that Jay is a biter. Not a good look for everybody involved.

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