Friday, June 13, 2008

Um, Celtics in 6?

The Lakers went from classy to ashy in about 12 minutes last night.

Kobe played last night like most of his teammates played in Game 3.

The Celtics have figured out a way to either stop Kobe's offensive firepower. Period.

Not only was Kobe off from the very start, but he was even missing open looks.

And when Kobe went to what's been his bread and butter this season -- the vintage Michael Jordan spin move fade away baseline jumper -- Paul Pierce was right there waiting for him, arm extended, blocking the shot right back in Kobe's face. Then moments later on a Celtics fast break, Kobe jumps and P.J. Brown of all people threw it right down on Kobe's head (as the picture to the left demonstrates).

The crowd was stunned. I was stunned. Celtics fans rejoiced. Next thing you know, after having an 18 point lead at the half, the Lakers get outscored by 16 in the third quarter and never recover, ultimately losing by 6.

I am still a Kobe fan but either he needs better teammates (all Lakers starters scored in double digits last night) or he needs to step up the way an MVP is supposed to.

So like a good bandwagon fan, I am switching my allegiance mid-series and predicting the Celtics win in 6 games. I think the Lakers will win the next one just off GP, but they're done for in Boston, even if it comes down to a seventh game.

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