Monday, June 16, 2008

Tanya Morgan at Fat Beats

At the risk of sounding like a hypocrite, I want people to come out and support an underground rap group (with a funny name...) that has been paying dues for years now, along with making quality Hiphop music.

Rappers Von Pea, Donwill and Ilyas are Tanya Morgan. Don't ask me the origin of the name because I still don't completely understand it if. But to be honest when I first heard of them I thought it was nothing more than a gimmick.

But after listening to their Sunset EP (2005) and their Moonlighting LP in (2006), I had a change of heart. Quality music with quality rhymes and lyrics, as well as rappers with a good sense of humor and the ability to not take themselves too seriously -- always a refreshing characteristic.

Von Pea and Donwill are the two lead rappers while Ilyas (aka the Malik B of Tanya Morgan) plays a peripheral role and rarely makes appearances with his group mates. Von is clearly the most lyrically talented of the three, as his rhyming style seemingly comes so easy to him that his raps come across as effortless. Donwill is a close second in terms of talent but first in terms of heart and passion -- he has a number of flows but is at his best when spitting fast, precise bars. (Ilyas isn't really worth mentioning as he is far from the focal point of the group. Sadly, he is the dead weight that will make sure this group never rises to the top.)

They will be making an in-store appearance tomorrow, June 17, at the famed Fat Beats record store on 6th Avenue between 8th and 9th streets, right above Bagel Buffet.

They'll be signing autographs for folks who buy their new EP -- which also comes out tomorrow -- The Bridge. Check them out. Below are two of their most recent mixtapes.

Donwill - SuhBurban Sprawl Mixtape

Tanya Morgan - Tanya Morgan Is a Rap Group Mixtape

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