Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Neptunes Reference Track

My trusty sources have uncovered a demo track of Justin Timberlake's very Stevie Wonder-sounding song "Nothin' Else," performed by R&B singer and former Star Trak affiliate Latrelle.

I had never heard this before but apparently it was ripped from Justin's DVD "The Making of Justified" where Pharrell has Latrelle demonstrate for Justin just how the song should be sung.

I kind of like the Latrelle version better than Justin's just because normally I prefer to hear women sing, but also because the music is a bit more raw with various Neptunes sounds here and there that cannot be found on Justin's album version.

And of course no Neptunes demo track would be complete without hearing a frantic Pharrell in the background ranting and raving about how incredible the song sounds.

Latrelle's album, Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl, was schedule to be released on Artista in April of 2002 but got shelved because of contract issues as well as the fact that her entire album leaked online well in advance of the release date.

Latrelle - Nothin' Else (Justified Demo)

Latrelle - Dirty Girl, Wrong Girl, Bad Girl LP

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